What Is Acne? How To Get Rid of It?

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Everyone has acne problems at some point in their life. In some skin types, acne problem is long-lasting and intense, and it is observed in some skins in rare periods. There are hundreds of methods and products to prevent acne formation on the skin and to eliminate existing acne. However, the important point in acne treatment is to use the right products with the right methods. The acne cream that you heard and bought from others may not have been effective for you at all. If you’ve had a similar story before, it means you haven’t chosen the right product for you. In the treatment of acne, you need to choose products that do not harm your skin and prevent the formation of new acne, as well as removing the existing ones.

What Is Acne? What Are The Acne Types?

Before starting acne treatment, you need to get to know your skin. You should determine the type of your acne, apply an acne treatment suitable for it, and choose an acne cream suitable for your skin.

Types of Acne

Whitehead acne
Black Point

Whitehead acne is the most common type of acne. If you have this type of acne, you can prevent it in a short time with a good skincare routine. Blackheads are also caused by acne with pore occlusion. By changing your skincare routine, you can achieve a smooth skin appearance in a short time. Papules, nodules, or pustules are types of inflammatory acne. If you have this type of acne, you should definitely use products that will protect your skin against infection and germs. You should first dry the inflammation and then start the acne treatment.

What Causes Acne?

In each of the types of acne, the main cause is the improper cleansing of the skin and clogging of the pores. This ensures that your acne formation is continuous. Therefore, you need to clean your skin deeply. Clogging of pores, oily skin, wrong product use, allergies, not cleaning the dead skin are the most obvious causes of acne. After a good skin cleansing, you can say goodbye to the acne problem by using regular acne cream.

How Does Acne Go Away?

In acne treatment, you should first clean your skin with an oil-based cleanser. In this way, excess sebum accumulated in the pores will be dissolved. Then clean your skin again with a purifying product and completely purify the oil. During the cleaning process, you can increase the effectiveness of the products you use by opening your pores with the help of steam. After cleansing the skin, you can apply the acne cream to the acne-affected areas or to your entire skin. It is important to repeat this process regularly. The biggest mistake made in acne treatment is squeezing acne. By doing that, you spread the inflammation in acne to your entire skin. This causes your acne to increase. At the same time, if you have acne scars, one of the biggest reasons is that you squeezed your acne and you did not clean your skin properly. When choosing an acne cream, you can get the look you want on your skin in a short time by choosing a cream that dries your acne, cleans the pores, and has the properties of repairing acne scars. You can achieve a smooth skin appearance in a short time by trying Luis Bien acne cream, which users are very satisfied with.

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